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Roommate 29 Marjo Bona #BSSL2

To all Cocolians! We did it! We made it into the Big Sister Villiage! BIG SISTER EMPOWERMENT SHOW 2 will be starting on October 4th in Freetown,Sierra Leone! I could not have done this without God, my family, friends, and supporters! May God continue to bless every single person supporting my journey! Here are some ways you can support me

  1. Sharing my pictures and my videos

  2. Donating 💰 to my campaign

  3. Telling people who I am and what I stand for

  4. Watch the show when it starts

  5. Follow me on all social media platforms

  6. Be a proud COCOLIAN! ™️🥥💃🏾❤


Hello Cocolians🥥 all over the world! Thank you for joining the family! You are highly appreciated and blessed! Marjo Bona is our contestant that we are supporting for the Big Sister Sierra Leone show and we all know that a huge part of wining the Big Sister show is voting! We as a team need to start putting in place funds that are on standby for the voting! May God double your funds and blessings in your life. Marjo has a dream of helping others and creating a platform in Sierra Leone and one day all over the world! With you all that dream will come true Below! Below will be a list of ways you can send your contributions! Preferably every week or every other week. Nothing is too big or little. If you know her personally you can also link with her. THE GAME DON COCO ™️🥥🇸🇱❤


Cashapp ($Cocolians) (4847459629)

Out of USA🌐

Sierra Leone 🇸🇱

Aminata Jalloh (Marjo Bona's Personal Assistant) +232 88 270905

Manager: Alfred Collier Ghana 🇬🇭

+233 27 573 7022

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